Nokia Lumia 1520 Repair Guides & Videos

If you recently purchased a brand new Nokia Lumia 1520 and have accidentally dropped it, don't stress out. Although you now you have a Nokia smartphone with a cracked touch screen or damaged LCD, which renders it almost useless, has you covered. We provide you with all of the DIY repair resources needed to get your Lumia 1520 working, and looking, like new again. Once you have received your high quality Nokia replacement part and premium repair tools, use the comprehensive Nokia Lumia 1520 disassemble guide or detailed HD repair videos below to fix your smartphone.

Recommended tools:

  1. T2 Torx Screwdriver
  2. Small Phillips Screwdriver
  3. Plastic Opening Tools
  4. Nylon Spudger
  5. Anti-Static Wrist Strap
  6. SIM Card Ejection Tool
  7. Fine Tip Curved Tweezers
  8. iSesamo Opening Tool
  9. Multi-Purpose Heat Gun


  1. Download the Nokia Lumia 1520 Disassemble Guide 


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