A71 5G (A716 / 2020)

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  1. Samsung Galaxy A71 (A716 / 2020) Battery Replacement
    SKU: 10-SA-7989
  2. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (A716 / 2020) Back Camera
    SKU: 9-SA-6255
  3. Samsung Galaxy A71 (A715 / 2020) /A716V Earspeaker
    SKU: 9-SA-6258
  4. Samsung Galaxy A71 (A715 / 2020) / A716V NFC
    SKU: 9-SA-6256
  5. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (A716 / 2020) Front Glass
    SKU: 1-SA-9276
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Released in June of 2020, the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G replaced its A71 counterpart with a version that had the ability to use 5G networks. This allows you to have faster download speeds and more connectivity in places you never would've before.

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