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  1. iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
    SKU: 10-P-0820
  2. iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Battery Adhesive Strips
    SKU: 5-AP-2841
  3. White
  4. Black
  5. iPhone 5/5c/5s/ SE Earpiece Speaker Mesh
    SKU: 9-P-2038
  6. iPhone 5/5c Home Button Bracket
    SKU: 11-P-0956
  7. iPhone 5 Interconnect Cables
    SKU: 11-P-1556
  8. iPhone 5 Cellular Antenna Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-1400
  9. iPhone 5 Home Button Gasket Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-1399
  10. iPhone 5 Home Button Flex Cable Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-0410
  11. iPhone 5 Loud Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-0440
  12. iPhone 5 Vibrator Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-0400
  13. iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-0441
  14. iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Cable Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-0407
  15. iPhone 5 Rear Camera Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-0412
  16. iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Polarizer Film (10 Pack)
    SKU: 5-AP-4052
  17. iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Polarizer Film (100 Pack)
    SKU: 5-AP-4049
  18. iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Optically Clear Adhesive
    SKU: 5-P-2049
  19. iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Polarizer Film
    SKU: 5-P-2050
  20. Silver
    iPhone 5 Screw Set - White/Silver
    SKU: 11-P-1126
  21. Black
    iPhone 5 Screw Set - Black/Slate
    SKU: 11-P-0717
  22. Black
    iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Glass Lens Screen - Black
    SKU: 1-P-1315
  23. White
    iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Glass Lens Screen - White
    SKU: 1-P-1314
  24. Black
    iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screws - Black
    SKU: 11-P-1374
  25. Black
    iPhone 5 SIM Card Tray - Black Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-0500
  26. White
    iPhone 5 SIM Card Tray - Silver Replacement
    SKU: 11-P-0398
  27. iHold EVO Flexible LCD Holder
    SKU: 5-DP-4813

  28. Smartmod Tristar Tester
    SKU: 5-SMA-4310

  29. Professional iPhone Pentalobe Screwdriver
    SKU: 5-2433
  30. iPhone 5 Display Assembly Test Cable
    SKU: 5-P-1545
  31. SIM Card Ejection Tool
    SKU: 5-1342
  32. Gray
    USB-A to Lighting Cable - MFI Certified - 3 Ft - Gray
    SKU: 8-AP-5517

  33. White
    USB-A to Lighting Cable - MFI Certified - 3 Ft - White
    SKU: 8-AP-4179

  34. iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    SKU: 4-P-0627
  35. iPhone 5/5c/5s/Se Clear Screen Protector
    SKU: 4-P-0402
Set Descending Direction

40 Items

per page

The iPhone 5 is one of Apple’s most successful phones to date. Don’t let a cracked screen on your iPhone 5 diminish the high-resolution graphics it can offer. And don’t let any internal damage slow down its desktop processing speed. If you need to replace a broken iPhone 5 part, order it from Fixez.com and avoid the time and expense of the trip to the Apple store.

DIY iPhone 5 part replacements and repairs are easier than you think. You don’t need to be an Apple “Genius” to get it done properly. And you don’t need to search through websites that sell refurbished components with questionable (if any) installation instructions. Your iPhone 5 is too important to gamble on! Fixez.com has all the iPhone 5 screen replacements and repair parts you will need in one place. In addition to replacement screens, batteries, and other internal components, we also carry iPhone 5 chargers and accessories. All of our iPhone parts are factory tested, OEM-compliant and brand new, and come with a 100% guarantee. If you’re not sure exactly which iPhone 5 repair parts you need, our team of professionals is available to steer you in the right direction. Call (866) 233-6460 or email them at [email protected].

Additionally all of our iPhone 5 replacement parts come with plastic opening tools, an adhesive strip and a step-by-step disassemble guide- at no additional cost to you. We also carry high quality, durable iPhone 5 repair tools so you won’t need to dig through your tool kit or risk causing additional damage from using the wrong sized screwdriver!

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