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  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Replacement
    SKU: 10-BK-0854

  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 Dock Connector Assembly
    SKU: 9-BK-1202
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 Dock Connector Assembly
    SKU: 9-BK-1473
  4. Samsung Galaxy S4 i337 Dock Connector Assembly
    SKU: 9-BK-1462
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 i545 L720 Dock Connector Assembly
    SKU: 9-BK-1385
  6. Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Dock Connector Assembly
    SKU: 9-BK-0184
  7. Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button Replacement - White
    SKU: 11-BK-0460

  8. Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Camera Assembly
    SKU: 11-BK-0462
  9. Samsung Galaxy S4 Rear Camera Replacement
    SKU: 11-BK-0456

  10. Samsung Galaxy S4 WiFi Antenna Cable
    SKU: 11-BK-1452
  11. Samsung Galaxy S4 Earpiece Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 11-BK-0593
  12. Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Card Tray Replacement
    SKU: 9-BK-0457
  13. Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Headphone Jack
    SKU: 11-BK-0458
  14. Samsung Galaxy S4 i545 Loud Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 9-BK-1499
  15. Samsung Galaxy S4 i337 M919 i9505 Loudspeaker
    SKU: 9-BK-1472
  16. Samsung Galaxy S4 L720 Loud Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 9-BK-1384
  17. Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Loud Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 9-BK-0430
  18. Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Front Housing Replacement
    SKU: 7-BK-0434
  19. Samsung Galaxy S4 Audio IC (WM5102E, 137 Pins)
    SKU: 9-SAB-5473
  20. Samsung Galaxy S4 Audio IC (WCD9310)
    SKU: 9-SAB-5466
  21. Samsung Galaxy S4/Note 3 Power IC (PM8941)
    SKU: 9-SAB-5464
  22. SIM Card Ejection Tool
    SKU: 5-1342
  23. Samsung Galaxy S4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    SKU: 4-BK-0628
  24. Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector
    SKU: 4-BK-1407
Set Descending Direction

36 Items

per page

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was designed to make life simple. Why shouldn’t that be true of its repairs too? If your Samsung Galaxy S4 is damaged, the simplest and most cost effective solution is to purchase high quality Samsung replacement screens and repair parts from

If your Samsung Galaxy S4 display has discolored pixels on the LCD or scratches on the glass screen, don’t waste your time and money upgrading to a new device. We can ship you a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S4 display assembly (LCD & touch screen) at a fraction of the cost. If the rear-facing camera on your S4 isn’t taking quality pictures anymore or the sound through the loudspeaker is distorted, we have factory tested and OEM-compliant S4 replacement parts to fix those issues as well. All of our parts are 100% guaranteed and will ship same day if ordered by 5pm PST. And there is no need to go digging through the garage or make a special trip to the hardware store to get the necessary DIY Galaxy S4 repair tools. We carry the premium tools you will need to finish the job, including the appropriate sized screwdrivers, plastic opening tools, fine tip curved tweezers, adhesive and more.

Don’t trust repair instructions from random tech forums or unknown resellers. The professionals at have created easy to follow Samsung Galaxy S4 HD repair videos, located on our website and on our YouTube channel, along with step-by-step written instructions of the safest way to get your Galaxy S4 disassembled. We are also available over the phone (866) 233-6460 or online at [email protected] to assist you throughout the DIY repair.

Why make things harder on your wallet and your schedule (not to mention the environment)? We make Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs simple and affordable.

You can save time by selecting any number of products from this page and then add them all to the cart with just one click.