Xbox One S / Slim

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  1. Xbox One Slim HDMI Port Connector
    SKU: 13-MSFT-6355
  2. Xbox One Slim AC Adapter Power Supply N15 120P1A
    SKU: 14-MSFT-6354
  3. Microsoft Xbox One S Internal Cooling Fan
    SKU: 14-MSFT-8960
  4. Xbox One S South Bridge Chip (X861949 005)
    SKU: 13-MSFT-6384
  5. Xbox One Slim Controller LB RB Trigger Button - Black
    SKU: 14-MSFT-6359
  6. Xbox One S Controller Rubber Conductive D Pad
    SKU: 14-MSFT-6382
  7. Microsoft Xbox One S Top Faceplate
    SKU: 14-MSFT-8065
  8. Xbox One S Gate Drivers VR12 MOSFET Driver (10 Pack)
    SKU: 13-MSFT-8934
  9. ESD Filter / Diode Array Xbox One S / Nintendo Switch
    SKU: 13-MSFT-8840
Set Descending Direction

21 Items

per page

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