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  1. LG V20 LCD Screen and Digitizer Without Frame
    SKU: 2-LG-3178
  2. LG V20 Display Assembly with Frame
    SKU: 2-LG-3207
  3. LG V20 Power Button and Fingerprint Reader - Silver
    SKU: 9-LG-3383
  4. LG V20 Power Button and Fingerprint Reader - White
    SKU: 9-LG-3166
  5. LG V20 Power Button and Fingerprint Reader - Black
    SKU: 9-LG-3165
  6. LG V20 Front-Facing Camera
    SKU: 9-LG-3380
  7. LG V20 Auxiliary Rear-Facing Camera (8 MP)
    SKU: 9-LG-3379
  8. LG V20 Rear-Facing Camera (16 MP)
    SKU: 9-LG-3378
  9. LG V20 Headphone Jack
    SKU: 9-LG-3382

  10. LG V20 Earpiece Speaker
    SKU: 9-LG-3381
Set Descending Direction

11 Items

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At Fixez, we offer high-quality replacement parts for the V20, ensuring that your device stays in top condition. This is done by regularly testing all our screens to ensure they function correctly before they arrive to you. Along with this, we have a wide assortment of small parts to solve various issues such as damaged cameras, insufficient charging, etc. It has features such as AMOLED screen, 64 Megapixels, and 1080 x 2400 pixels. Fixez also offers wholesaling for repair shops and bulk purchases.




Our selection includes LCD screens that have been rigorously tested to meet our standards for both quality and reliability. In addition to screens, we also offer a wide range of small parts for repairs such as charging ports, sim trays, and flex cables. Whether you're in need of a simple screen replacement or a more complex repair, we've got you covered. Our website also provides wholesaling opportunities for repair shops and bulk buyers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, making Fixez the go-to choice for all your V20 repair needs. 

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