iPhone 12 Mini

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  1. iPhone 12 Mini OLED Assembly - Premium
    SKU: 2-AP-6462
  2. iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement
    SKU: 10-AP-7071
  3. iPhone 12 Mini Rear Camera
    SKU: 9-AP-8590
  4. iPhone 12 Mini Front Camera
    SKU: 9-AP-8612
  5. iPhone 12 Mini Power with Volume Flex Cable
    SKU: 9-AP-6230
  6. iPhone 12 Mini Wireless NFC Charging Flex Cable
    SKU: 9-AP-6458
  7. iPhone 12 Mini WiFi Flex Cable
    SKU: 9-AP-6459
  8. iPhone 12 Mini Vibrator Motor
    SKU: 9-AP-6461
  9. iPhone 12 Mini Loud Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 9-AP-6463
  10. iPhone 12 Mini Bluetooth Flex Cable Replacement
    SKU: 9-AP-6467
  11. iPhone 12 Mini 5G Nano Signal Cable
    SKU: 9-AP-8615

  12. iPhone 12 Mini Complete Screw Set
    SKU: 9-AP-8616
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78 items

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Looking for an iPhone 12 Mini screen replacement? You've come to the right place! At Fixez, we carry a wide variety of iPhone 12 Mini replacement screens and parts to get your device up and running again in no time. Whether you need a small part like a flex cable or a large one like a screen or back cover, we have you covered. Plus, our professional testers ensure that all of our replacement parts are reliable. And best of all, our prices are very reasonable. So don't wait any longer, order your iPhone 12 Mini replacement screen from Fixez today!

Also, be sure to check out our FAQs for further information and answers to common questions. If you are looking to place a wholesale order, you can apply for an account by clicking here.

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