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  1. LG G2 Mini Display Assembly (LCD and Touch Screen) - Black
    SKU: 2-Y-1529

  2. LG G2 Mini Display Assembly (LCD and Touch Screen) - White
    SKU: 2-Y-1528

  3. SIM Card Ejection Tool
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If your LG G2 Mini is looking a little worse for wear due to cracks on the screen or scratches on the rear case, don’t keep lugging it around because you think your only option is to purchase a new Apple tablet. High quality LG G2 Mini replacement screens & repair parts from Fixez.com is an affordable DIY solution. Fixing your smartphone yourself will save you both time and money, while getting your G2 Mini looking like you just took it out of the box again!

Is the battery on your LG G2 Mini not holding a charge as long as you need? There is no need to worry, we carry brand new G2 Mini battery replacements in stock and ready to ship the same day (if ordered by 5pm PST). We also carry replacement LG G2 Mini display assemblies (LCD & touch screen), loudspeakers, dock connectors and other internal components. All our LG G2 Mini parts are OEM-compliant, factory tested and come with a 30 day warranty. We also offer low cost, premium LG G2 Mini repair tools and DIY tool kits which include nylon spudgers, plastic opening tools, fine tip curved tweezers, small Phillips screwdrivers and more- all designed specifically for safe and effective smartphone repairs.

Not sure about repairing your G2 Mini yourself? We have you covered there too. Fixez.com will walk you through the entire process with our LG G2 Mini HD video repair instructions and step-by-step disassemble guides. Our skilled technicians demonstrate each step in the G2 Mini repair process so you can follow along easily and eliminate the risk of damaging your device further. And if you still have questions, simply contact our support team at (866) 233-6460 or [email protected].

Replacing a device that could easily be repaired adds more waste to the environment and more charges to your credit card. Let Fixez.com prevent both!

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