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  1. Xbox One Elite Controller A/B/X/Y Hard Buttons
    SKU: 13-MSFT-8870

  2. Xbox One Controller Battery Connector
    SKU: 13-MSFT-8881

  3. Xbox One Controller Battery Contact Clip
    SKU: 13-MSFT-8882
  4. Xbox One Disc Drive Rubber Belt
    SKU: 13-MSFT-8912
  5. Xbox One Controller Headset Charging Dock Connector
    SKU: 13-MSFT-8951
  6. Microsoft Xbox One Internal Cooling Fan
    SKU: 14-MSFT-8959
  7. Xbox One (DG-6M1S / DG-6M2S / HOP-B150) Laser Lens
    SKU: 14-MSFT-8977
  8. Xbox One Controller Top Faceplate (Black)
    SKU: 14-MSFT-9031
  9. Xbox One Headset Jack Dock Charging Connector
    SKU: 13-MSFT-6362
  10. Xbox One HDMI Port Connector
    SKU: 13-MSFT-6363
  11. Xbox One Laser Lens Drive (DG-6M1S / DG-6M2S / HOP-B150)
    SKU: 14-MSFT-6372

  12. Xbox One Disc Drive Board (DG-61MS)
    SKU: 14-MSFT-6368
  13. Xbox One HOP B150 Lens Flex Ribbon Cable
    SKU: 13-MSFT-6369
  14. Xbox One Power Switch Flex Cable
    SKU: 14-MSFT-6375
  15. Xbox One Controller Charging Port
    SKU: 13-MSFT-6366
  16. Xbox One Controller LB RB Trigger Button - Black
    SKU: 14-MSFT-6370
  17. Xbox One Controller Thumbstick Cap - Black
    SKU: 14-MSFT-6374
Set Descending Direction

28 Items

per page

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