Galaxy Note 9 N960

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  1. Ocean Blue
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    Lavender Purple
    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen Assembly with Frame - Lavender Purple (Premium Refurbished)
    SKU: 2-SA-4766
    was $163.60 Special Price $144.01
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    Metallic Copper
    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen Assembly with Frame - Metallic Copper (Premium Refurbished)
    SKU: 2-SA-4765
    was $167.00 Special Price $143.28
  4. Midnight Black
  5. Midnight Black
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Battery Replacement
    SKU: 10-SA-4451
  7. US Version
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    US Version
    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Rear Camera Replacement (N960U)
    SKU: 9-SA-4145
    was $10.50 Special Price $7.66
  10. international
  11. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Loud Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 9-SA-5625
  12. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Iris Scanner
    SKU: 9-SA-4160
  13. Ocean Blue
  14. Midnight Black
  15. Ocean Blue
  16. Midnight Black
  17. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wireless Charging NFC Flex
    SKU: 9-SA-5755
  18. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rear Glass Panel Adhesive
    SKU: 5-SA-4216
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28 Items

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Released in August of 2018, the Galaxy Note 9 was jampacked with the most storage a Samsung contained to its release date. Not only this, but it had the newest Android 8.1 Oreo which was the best operating system at the time.

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