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  1. iPhone X U_QET_E
    SKU: 9-APB-5170
  2. iPhone 8/8 Plus/X Baseband CPU (U_MDM_E)
    SKU: 9-APB-5169
  3. iPhone X Receiver Ringtone AMP IC (U5000)
    SKU: 9-APB-5168
  4. iPhone X Outer Ringtone AMP IC (U4900)
    SKU: 9-APB-5167
  5. iPhone X NFC Controller IC (NXP 80V18 PN80V)
    SKU: 9-APB-5166
  6. iPhone X NFC Power Supply NFC_DCDC_S IC
    SKU: 9-APB-5165
  7. iPhone X WiFi FPC Connector (JUAT1_K)
    SKU: 9-APB-5163
  8. iPhone X Antenna FPC Connector (JLAT1)
    SKU: 9-APB-5162
  9. iPhone X Touch ID FPC Connector (J5800)
    SKU: 9-APB-5161
  10. iPhone X Power Supply IC (U2700)
    SKU: 9-APB-5160
  11. iPhone X Power Boost IC (U3100)
    SKU: 9-APB-5159
  12. iPhone X Charging IC (U3300)
    SKU: 9-APB-5158
  13. iPhone X Capacitor (14UF, 4.0V, 0402)
    SKU: 9-APB-5157
  14. iPhone X Camera PMU IC 1 (U3700)
    SKU: 9-APB-5156
  15. iPhone X Audio IC (U4400)
    SKU: 9-APB-5153
  16. iPhone X 24M CPU Crystal Oscillator (Y1000)
    SKU: 9-APB-5152
  17. iPhone X USB IC (U1610)
    SKU: 9-APB-5151
  18. iPhone X U5900 IC
    SKU: 9-APB-5150
  19. iPhone X U5100 IC
    SKU: 9-APB-5149
  20. iPhone X Touch IC (U5600)
    SKU: 9-APB-5148
  21. iPhone X Rear Telephoto Camera FPC Connector (J4000)
    SKU: 9-APB-5145
  22. iPhone X Q3700 IC
    SKU: 9-APB-5144
  23. iPhone X Pressure Sensor IC (U3620)
    SKU: 9-APB-5143
  24. iPhone X LCD and Digitizer FPC Connector (J5700)
    SKU: 9-APB-5140
  25. iPhone X Gyroscope IC (U3600)
    SKU: 9-APB-5137
  26. iPhone X Charging Port FPC Connector (J6400)
    SKU: 9-APB-5136
  27. iPhone X Camera Flash FPC Connector (J4300)
    SKU: 9-APB-5135
  28. iPhone X Battery FPC Connector (J3200)
    SKU: 9-APB-5134
Set Descending Direction

46 Items

per page

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