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  1. gTool iCorner iPad 2,3,4 SideWall Tool
    SKU: G1206

  2. gTool iCorner iPhone 7 Plus Corner Heads
    SKU: GH2003
  3. gTool iPhone 6 Corner Head Set
    SKU: PH6C

  4. gTool iCorner iPhone 6 Corner Tool Head
    SKU: GH1227
  5. gTool iCorner iPad Mini, Air and Pro Corner Heads
    SKU: GH1207

  6. gTool iCorner iPad 2,3,4 Corner Tool
    SKU: G1205

  7. gTool iCorner Assistant Kit
    SKU: G1209-G12010
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The iCorner straightening tool from gTool™ is the most professional solution to repairing damaged corners and sidewalls on the Apple iPad and iPhone. The gTool™ iCorner makes straightening out bent corners and side walls of the iPad and iPhone virtually effortless. Using precision machined heads specifically designed for the device, the iCorner allows you to bend and pull the damaged casing back into its factory shape - allowing you to repair the damage accurate and professional.

The iCorner is not the only revolutionary repair tool from gTool™, the Screen Jack designed for the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c is a premium solution to lifting up the screen assembly and opening the iPhone for repair. Many repair technicians know that cracking open the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c is not always an easy task using traditional suction cups and pry tools. The gTool™ Screen Jack takes the effort out of this task by safely housing the iPhone between two strategically placed suction cups which allow you to safely and evenly pop up the screen using its two lifting screws. Thus making the process safe and less straining on the technician.

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