iPhone 11 Pro

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  1. iPhone 11 Pro LCD Assembly Aftermarket
    SKU: 2-AP-9924
  2. iPhone 11 Pro OLED Screen Assembly - Premium
    SKU: 2-AP-5801
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement
    SKU: 10-AP-6164
  4. Gold
  5. Space Gray
  6. Midnight Green
  7. Silver
  8. iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max Rear Camera
    SKU: 9-AP-5980
  9. iPhone 11 Pro Front Camera
    SKU: 9-AP-6051
  10. iPhone 11 Pro Wifi / Bluetooth Antenna Flex Cable
    SKU: 9-AP-5936
  11. iPhone 11 Pro Loud Speaker Replacement
    SKU: 9-AP-4879
  12. iPhone 11 Pro Vibrator Motor Replacement
    SKU: 9-AP-4978
  13. iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max Earpiece Mesh (10 Pack)
    SKU: 9-AP-5995
  14. iPhone 11 Pro Battery Cable Bracket (Small)
    SKU: 9-AP-6055
  15. Space Gray
  16. Silver
  17. Gold
  18. Midnight Green
  19. iPhone 11 Pro Back Glass 3M Adhesive - 10 Pack
    SKU: 5-AP-7185
  20. iPhone 11 Pro LCD Adhesive
    SKU: 5-AP-6057
  21. iPhone 11 Pro Battery Adhesive
    SKU: 5-AP-5837
  22. iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max LCD FPC Connector
    SKU: 9-AP-5899
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72 items

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Released on September 20, 2019, the iPhone 11 Pro began the triple camera revolution for apple phones, creating a new norm for the back of smartphones. It also came with an A13 bionic chip which was the fastest chip to date at the time it was released.

Our iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement is not only competitively priced, it’s also extremely reliable. This concept is what sets Fixez apart from the rest and has allowed us to stay running and growing since 2014 in the USA. Our mission is to go above and beyond at a fraction of a typical iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement cost. This is thanks to our experienced testers who work to make sure we have products that we are proud to distribute. We provide both replacement screens and small parts.

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