Galaxy S6 Edge+

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  1. Black Sapphire
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Battery
    SKU: 10-SA-2845
  3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Adhesive Strips
    SKU: 5-SA-2563
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Battery Adhesive Strips
    SKU: 5-SA-2683
  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Rear Battery Cover Adhesive
    SKU: 5-SA-2791
  6. White Pearl
  7. Gold Platinum
  8. Black Sapphire
  9. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Rear-Facing Camera
    SKU: 9-SA-2846
  10. International
  11. T-Mobile
  12. Verizon
  13. Black Sapphire
  14. White Pearl
  15. Gold Platinum
  16. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Loudspeaker
    SKU: 9-SA-2844
  17. AT&T
  18. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Vibrator
    SKU: 9-SA-2847
  19. Sprint
  20. US Cellular
  21. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Earpiece Speaker
    SKU: 9-SA-2848
  22. White Pearl
  23. Black Sapphire
  24. Gold Platinum
  25. White Pearl
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ SIM Card Tray - White
    SKU: 9-SA-2642
  26. Black Sapphire
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ SIM Card Tray - Black
    SKU: 9-SA-2641
  27. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Power IC (15AO)
    SKU: 9-SAB-5508
  28. SIM Card Ejection Tool
    SKU: 5-1342
Set Descending Direction

30 Items

per page

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ has a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display. Back when it was released in August of 2015, it was a very large phone and was one of the best on the market.

Fixez has reliable Galaxy S6 Edge+ replacement screens that are factory tested to ensure the highest quality replacement just for you. Using our tools, you will be able to complete a Galaxy S6 Edge+ screen repair and resolve any issues with cracks, shattering, dead pixels, discoloration, and unresponsiveness. With an affordable Galaxy S6 Edge+ screen replacement cost, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a great deal on your repair.

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