iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

iPhone 5 White Lightning Connector & Headphone Jack (Front)

iPhone 5 Dock Port + Headphone Jack Replacement - White

iPhone 5 Dock Port + Headphone Jack Replacement - Black

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Apple iPhone 5

  • The product comes in black color which has been designed in such a way that it will align perfectly with your device, both internally and externally as well.
  • 100% new factory tested products with premium quality at an aftermarket pricing to suit your budget.
  • Easy to place an order and delivery is quick. Simple to install.
Product Description

The docking port or charging port is the lifeline of any phone and when it is an iPhone 5C, it is connected internally to the headphones jack of your device as well. If you are not able to charge the phone properly, even using an iPhone is as good as nothing. Sometimes the problem that you are facing can be due to the reason that somehow the dock port and the headphone jack of your device is damaged. This internal problem of the device can cause problems while you charge your device and can also lead to a bad connection when you have plugged in a pair of headphones to the headphones jack of the device. But, facing a problem with the headphones jack or dock port of your iPhone 5C does not mean that you will have to buy a new device now. Instead, just get an iPhone 5C dock port + headphones jack replacement unit and change the old one with it. This perfect product will restore all the functions of your phone and make it good as new.

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