0.8mm Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire Reel

0.8mm Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire Reel

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Smartmod Tristar Tester

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  • iOS Devices with a Lightning Port
  • Smartmod Tristar Tester
  • Test your Tristar/Hydra Chip or battery
  • Diagnose your iDevice's charging issue
  • Small & lightweight and easily portable
  • Helps to test hardware errors
  • Great for smartphone repair professionals and sellers
  • Extremely convenient to use
  • Able to test the phone Tristar without the need to open up the device all over again
  • Manufactured by senior and highly experienced techies at a Germany-based leading repair hub
Product Description

Have you been facing charging issues with your iPhone for some time now? Do you think something is wrong with the battery? Well, before you rush to the nearest iPhone store to replace the battery, wait! Your battery could be in perfect health and the problem could be somewhere else. Not a lot of people know that charging issues in your smartphone can arise due to a faulty Tristar chip. It’s an IC that sits on the logic board and the chip verifies the authenticity of cables that you enter into your phone for charging or data transmission. If the chip gets damaged somehow, you may face charging woes even if the battery is in perfect state.

But how to know whether the Tristar chip is ruined or not? Well, here comes the Smartmod Tristar Tester. It’s an industry-leading Tristar testing tool that carries the finest cutting-edge German engineering. You can test the phone’s Tristar with this tester. If your phone passes the test, then the Tristar chip in the device is in perfect condition. In that case, the charging issue could be the cause of a damaged battery or a wrong/faulty charger. But if your phone is unable to pass the Smartmod Tristar Tester test, then it’s the Tristar chip which is at fault. 

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