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Don’t let a scratch on your Nokia smartphone’s touch screen mar what should be a beautiful picture. And don’t go through the hassle of replacing the entire device when the experts at can get you the Nokia replacement parts you need, along with DIY Nokia Disassemble & Repair Guides, so you can get your device working at full capacity again.

If the photos on your Nokia Lumia 1020 are discolored (or you see nothing but black), you don’t need to shell out the money for a new smartphone. has replacement rear-facing cameras for the Lumia 1020 that are easier to install than you think. The easy to follow HD repair videos on our website and YouTube channel will demonstrate how to properly access your Nokia’s internal components without causing further damage to your smartphone. You will find that installing any OEM-compliant, factory tested Nokia repair part can be quick and simple. Replacing a Nokia Lumia 928 battery that isn’t holding a charge is a breeze when you use our Nokia DIY repair resources and tools. These include a t5 torx screwdriver, nylon spudger and plastic opening tools- all designed precisely to safely open a Lumia 928. All of our Nokia repair tools and replacement parts are high quality and we will ship them to you quickly (orders placed before 5pm PST ship same day).

Don’t roll the dice by trying to repair your Nokia smartphone with any old tool lying around the house. And don’t follow Nokia repair instructions that are poorly written by non-professionals. In addition to our HD repair video instructions, has clearly written disassemble instructions on our website, with high-resolution images of each Nokia teardown step to guide you to a successful fix!

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