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Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Replacement

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Samsung Galaxy S4 i337 (AT&T)
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505
Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 (T-Mobile)
Samsung Galaxy S4 (CDMA)

  • 100% new and high-quality Li-ion battery for Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Effectively replaces the old damaged battery and restores battery function
  • Factory-tested product and hence you can be assured of a thoroughly verified item
  • Easy to install
  • Economic pricing
  • Specially tailored for Samsung Galaxy S4 and hence you can be sure of complete device compatibility
Product Description

Are you down with a damaged battery on your Samsung Galaxy S4? Is your battery taking longer to charge than it usually takes? Now, it’s true that you can’t expect your phone to charge as fast as it used to be in its brand new days. The charging process will slow gradually over time. But if the phone is taking too long a time to charge, then, you should be concerned. Charging issues can spell severe problems for any Samsung phone user. If your phone is not getting charged, how will you turn it on and operate it? So, what will you do here? Well, the wisest solution here would be to go for a replacement battery. Our replacement Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery will be your fix here.

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