Samsung Galaxy Note II Screen Assembly + Frame - White (Front)

Samsung Galaxy Note II Screen Assembly and Frame - White (GSM) (Aftermarket)

Galaxy Note II White Home Button (Front)

Samsung Galaxy Note II Home Button Replacement - White

Samsung Galaxy Note II Battery Replacement

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Samsung Galaxy Note II 

  • Completely new and high-quality Li-ion battery for Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Effectively replaces the old damaged battery and restores battery function
  • Factory-tested product and hence you can be assured of a thoroughly verified item
  • A breeze to install
  • Economic pricing
  • Specially designed  for Samsung Galaxy Note II and hence you can be sure of complete device compatibility
Product Description

Are you facing a crisis with your Samsung Galaxy Note II battery? Is it showing charging issues of late? Is the battery taking eons to get charged? Now, that’s a severe problem no doubt. Your phone won’t function if it can’t be charged – even when other features are in perfect order. The battery of a phone is what which powers it up. If there is any problem with the battery, the entire phone will stop functioning.  So, what to do here? Will you get a new phone? Well, the smartest possible solution here is to go for a replacement battery. Our replacement Samsung Galaxy Note II Battery is all that you will need here. We promise you a reliable replacement part at a rate to fit your budget.

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