LG V20 Teardown

LG V20 Teardown and Reassemble Guide

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Recommended Tools: 

Plastic Triangle Opening Tool
Nylon Spudger
Fine Tip Curved Tweezers
Precision Knife Set
2mm Premium Red Adhesive
Multi-Purpose Heat Gun
Professional Phillips Screwdriver
Playing Cards

Step 1

Power down your LG V20 phone.
Step 2 (LG V20 Metal Battery Cover and Battery)
Press the release button to remove the LG V20’s metal battery cover.
Easily lift out the 3,200 milliampere-hour replaceable LG V20 battery.
Step 3 (LG V20 Exterior Midframe)
Remove the following 21 Phillips screws. These screws are different sizes, so be sure to remember where they go.
With the triangle opening tool in hand, extricate the tight-fittingtop and bottom metal covers.
After attacking some pry-able clips, pop off the LG V20 exterior midframe with ease.
Step 4 (LG V20 Loudspeaker and Rear Key with Fingerprint ID)
Detach the LG V20 loudspeaker from the midframe.
Secured in place with only light adhesive, the back-mounted LG V20 power button with fingerprint sensor is easily removed.
Step 5 (LG V20 Motherboard)
Disconnect the front-facing camera and display cable from the motherboard.
Spudge up the LG V20 motherboard.
Step 6 (LG V20 16 MP Rear-Facing Camera and 8 MP Auxiliary Camera)
Remove the auxiliary 8-megapixel LG V20 rear shooter with the trick wide-angle lens.
Extract the primary 16-megapixel LG V20 rear-facing camera from the motherboard.
Step 7 (LG V20 5 MP Front-Facing Camera, Earpiece Speaker, Vibrator, Microphone, and Headphone Jack)
Pluck out the 5-megapixel LG V20 front-facing camera. No tools necessary!
Tweeze up the LG V20 earpiece speaker.
The next components to surrender are the LG V20 vibrator and a microphone.
Pry the 3.5 mm headphone jack out of the chassis.
Step 8 (LG V20 5.7” Quad HD IPS Display Assembly)
Use the tweezers to carefully peel up the display cables.
The 5.7-inch LG V20 quad HD IPS display assembly is glued on solidly to the interior midframe. Apply heat to soften the adhesive.
Use a playing card to slice through the sticky adhesive and decouple the LG V20 screen from the midframe.
* To reassemble your device, follow the steps in reverse order.

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