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Tri Wing Screwdriver

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This screwdriver is specially designed for small electronics such as mobile phones and tablets; make sure to review the recommended tools we list for each device before finalizing your order.
  • Tri Wing Screwdriver made for small electronics
  • Easy to use Repair Tool
  • Strong and durable
  • Fast Shipping
  • Sold as-is; no refunds or returns
Product Description

This is the Tri Wing Screwdriver. It fits the head of a screw that has three slotted wings joined in the center. Tri wing screws are most commonly used on electronic products and accessories with sensitive mechanical components. If your device contains tri wing screws, make sure you have this specific screwdriver as the design of tri wing makes them very difficult, or impossible, to remove without the proper tool. offers a free plastic opening tool and adhesive strip with the purchase of any replacement part; but to complete the repair, more tools may be required. offers a list of recommended tools with each replacement part, allowing you to know in advance what tools are needed to complete the repair. If needed, order the Tri Wing Screwdriver today!

* Sold as-is; no refunds or returns