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iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Cable Replacement

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Apple iPhone 5

  • 100% new and top quality replacement Wi-Fi antenna cable for iPhone 5
  • Effectively replaces damaged Wi-Fi antenna cable
  • Restores Wi-Fi connectivity in your phone
  • Factory-tested product and hence you can be sure of a verified item only
  • Affordable pricing
  • Simple to install
  • Specially made for iPhone 5 and thus you can be guaranteed of a compatible product
Product Description

Are you facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your iPhone 5? Just check the Wi-Fi connection for once. Is it okay? Well, if your phone is struggling to get connected to Wi-Fi connections despite a fantastic Wi-Fi strength, then the problem could be with your phone’s Wi-Fi antenna cable. It could be that the cable has got damaged and it’s preventing the Wi-Fi antenna from catching nearby connections. So, what will you do here? Will you simply discard your phone and get a new model altogether? Now, that would be just unnecessary as you can solve this minor problem with a replacement cable only. Our replacement iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna Cable will come to your rescue here. We promise your reliable quality item.

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