iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Cable (Front)

iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Cable Replacement

iPhone 4 Dock Port Connector Flex Cable - Black (GSM) (Front)

iPhone 4 Dock Port Connector Flex Cable - Black (GSM)

iPhone 4S WiFi and Bluetooth Antenna Replacement

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  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • High quality, brand new iPhone 4S WiFi Antenna Flex Cable
  • Fully tested, 100% compatible WiFi Antenna replacement
  • Fast shipping on all iPhone 4S repair parts
  • Free Plastic Opening Tool and Adhesive Strip
  • Free Disassemble Guide
  • Lifetime warranty
Product Description

This is the iPhone 4S WiFi Antenna Flex Cable Replacement. Does your iPhone 4S not connect to WiFi anymore? When this happens, it is likely that the WiFi antenna flex cable on your iPhone 4S has been damaged in some way. Whether you dropped your iPhone, or bumped it against something, damage to the WiFi antenna can prevent you from being able to browse the internet, check your email and much more.

Although you may be tempted to purchase a new iPhone 4S  to replace the one that has stopped signing on to the Internet, this can be expensive. Instead, you can save money by purchasing a new iPhone WiFi antenna flex cable replacement and installing it on your phone. This high quality iPhone 4S replacement part is designed to work perfectly with your iPhone. At Fixez.com, we understand the importance of being able to use your iPhone 4S the way you want, when you want, so we will ship your 4S WiFi antenna replacement quickly. Plus, we will include almost everything you need to install your new iPhone repair part, including a plastic opening tool, a disassemble guide and an adhesive strip!