We have all had that “oops” moment with our mobile devices. Dropped, ran over, soaking wet, or just plain dead, life happens and all you want is a functioning phone. There is plenty of information on the process to fix your device, but there is very little on how to get the most out of the repair. With some planning and the right tools, you can repair your cell phone or tablet just like the techs at

1) Do Some Research:

Just by googling the words “iPhone repair” you are provided with over a 150 million results. Searching through that much content to find a reputable source can drive anyone crazy. is here to be your one-stop-shop for everything from step-by-step disassemble guides to complete HD repair videos. You can check those out here. We like to keep things simple & informative, creating content that focuses on completing the DIY repair.

2) Have The Right Tools:

Starting a repair to find out you don’t have that ONE special screwdriver can really be frustrating. If you decide to go with a screwdriver that is “close enough,” you now have 2 problems: a stripped screw and a damaged tool. NOT COOL! To ensure you have what you need, we have a high quality tool kits that will assist in completing any DIY repair.

3) Replacement Parts:

Just like the oil filter in your car, there are premium parts and those that are made to get you by. Purchasing low-quality parts for your repair can lead to further damage to your device down the road. Spend a tad more money for an original, fully tested replacement part, and you will be much happier with the long-term results. offers a large selection of parts for your smartphone or tablet, head over to the store and get yours today!

4) Workspace:

Choosing the right location to do your repair is key. You will want a well lit space that is sturdy and clear of debris. You don’t want your cat jumping on the coffee table knocking away all of those microscopic screws into the carpet. To help combat this issue, we recommend using a magnetic mat during any repair. This helps keep screws organized and in place, making the repair that much more streamlined.

5) Peace Of Mind:

While the below tools are not always “required” to repair your smartphone or tablet, they can be a life-saver and help make the DIY repair much easier to complete.

    • Fine-Tip Curved Tweezers: You are working with parts that are smaller than an ant, having a tool to collect and position these tiny screws and brackets comes in handy.
    • Heat Gun or Blow Dryer: With most devices containing adhesive to secure screens and parts in place, using a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the adhesive makes the repair much easier.
    • Anti-Static Wrist Strap: We all carry some level of static electricity with us at all times. We can discharge this energy by touching something metal. The place you do not want to discharge your static electricity is your mobile device. Using an anti-static wrist strap allows you to work freely without the fear of shorting out your cell phone or tablet.


We hope this list was informative and that it will make your next DIY repair a breeze. If you have any additional questions about a specific device, replacment part, or tool, please check out for all of the lastest information.