The LG G2 is a powerful smartphone, but its parts are slightly less accessible than the average smartphone. That doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired! With the right tools and this helpful guide, you can fix your smartphone at home and save big bucks! You can find all the LG replacement parts you need at, but before you start, we recommend using the following tools: 

Small phillips screwdriver - You’ll need this to unscrew the tiny screws in the back of your phone. 

Nylon spudger - A static free tool that lets you manipulate sensitive pieces without transferring static electricity. 

Plastic opening tools - Useful tools for prying open small pieces. If you’re ordering a replacement part through, you’ll receive a plastic opening tool and adhesive at no extra charge. 

Fine tip curved tweezers - Allow you to easily handle small pieces. 

Precision knife set - Handy tools to help cut, scrape, or wedge into small areas.

Anti static wrist strap - It’s recommended to use this to minimize your risk of transferring static electricity.


LG G2 Screen Repair

Touch screens are one of the first things to suffer on a smartphone, especially as smartphone screens get bigger and bigger. Luckily, an LG G2 with a broken screen can be fixed in home. Essentially, you’ll need to remove most of the phone’s inner pieces through the back until you reach the back of the screen. In addition to the parts mentioned above, you’ll also need an LG G2 screen replacement


Replace LG G2 Battery

The LG G2 battery is a bit trickier to access than most other smartphones, but with the right tools, replacing an LG G2 battery is simple. First, you’ll need an LG G2 replacement battery. Then, follow these steps:


Repair Headphone Jack or Dock Port for LG G2

A broken headphone jack or dock port can render a phone almost useless. Before you buy a new phone, try fixing it yourself with a replacement LG G2 headphone jack replacement and this helpful tutorial:


LG G2 Speaker Repair 

If music, call playback, or other sounds are not playing correctly, you may need to replace your loudspeaker. Using the tools mentioned above, replacing the loudspeaker can be completed in a matter of minutes.


Additional troubleshooting: 

Problem: Phone is crashing, freezing, calls and/or apps won’t work. 

Solution: Perform a soft reset of your phone. To do this, press and hold down the power button while the device is on for about 5 seconds, until it reboots. If the device is off, you can press and hold the power button until the LG logo appears.  A soft reset normally doesn’t delete any of your data, but you can back-up your information just in case. 

Problem: Screen is blank, phone is frozen, touch screen not working properly, audio not working properly, etc.

Solution: Performig a Hard Reset may fix the issues, but it will erase all of your data in the process. To perform a hard reset, start at your Home Screen, then go to Apps -> Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Factory Data Reset -> Reset Phone -> Erase Everything. 

Problem: I installed a replacement part, but my phone still isn’t working 

Solution: Go back through and repeat the steps from the start. Double check that all wires, contact points, connections etc. are properly aligned. If the device still does not work, it is possible that one or more of the parts may have overheated from exposure static electricity, or the motherboard may have been damaged. If this happens, the replacement part(s) will not function again. 

With these tips, you can avoid the expense of buying a new phone. For more information about LG G2 repair, visit our complete LG G2 Disassemble Guide or contact us at 1-866-233-6460!