We all love up and coming new gadgets, and one of the latest to hit the market is the smart ring. This hi-tech piece of jewelry literally allows you to control devices such as your phone or your television with the wave of your hand. 

Ring, Fin and Smarty Ring are all crowd-funded ideas from either Kickstarter.com or Indiegogo.com. While information is a little limited at this time, we took a closer look at what’s available to bring you the skinny on each of these devices and give you an idea of where the future is headed. 


smart ring 

(http://logbar.jp/press/ 2013)  

Ring main features: 

  • - Gesture control function for your home appliances
  • - Text transmission
  • - Payment information transmission
  • - Receive/Alert Function 

Ring specifications:

  • - Motion sensors
  • - LED
  • - Touch Sensor
  • - Bluetooth Low Energy
  • - Vibration
  • - 6 different ring sizes

Ring Compatibility:

  • - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (iOS or higher version)
  • - Android (ver 4.4 or higher)


Ring can control devices, transmit alerts and enable gesture controls for such tasks as texting or finalizing payments. Users can wear it on any finger, and movement of that single finger will be detected. We weren’t able to track down specifics on what the finished product will be made of, but they did say it would initially be available in silver only. To broaden its compatibility, Ring is looking to expand to Windows and make its own Ring Hub. The device has a built-in vibration motor and onboard LED, which serves as an alert from other connected devices. It can detect the smallest finger movements and the user can even set up their own customer gestures using the companion app. Ring makes it easy to complete tasks like paying bills, turning on lights, and sending and receiving tasks using Bluetooth.  


three fin smart rings 

(http://www.wearfin.com/, 2014)

Fin main features:

  • - Connects to smartphones, smart TVs, automobiles and home automation devices
  • - Ability to recognize each divion of fingers
  • - Acts as a security authenticator
  • - Gesture interaction on palm
  • - Waterproof, dustproof and durable 

Fin specifications:

  • - Bluetooth 2.1 and EDR and 4.0
  • - Sensors
  • - Waterproof: IP 67
  • - Size/Fit is flexible 

Fin compatibility:

  • - Windows
  • - MAC
  • - iOS
  • - Android
  • - Windows Phones 


Fin wraps around your thumb and has built-in sensors that can distinguish each segment of the finger, converting the palm into a keypad. As with Ring, we couldn’t find details on the material, but did find that it will be available in blue, orange, teal, black and white. Users can play video games, adjust song volume while driving or running, as well as control their smartphones and televisions. Sharing photos or data with a Fin wearing friend is as easy as tapping your rings together.


Smarty Ring

black smarty ring

(http://smartyring.com/ 2014)

Smarty Ring main features:

  • - Bluetooth
  • - Clock
  • - Updating/Alert tracker
  • - Remote control

Smarty Ring specifications:

  • - Bluetooth 4.0
  • - Alerts for text and e-mail, outgoing, incoming calls, and for social media
  • - Allergy free metal
  • - Waterproof   

Smarty Ring compatibility: 

  • - iOS
  • - Android


The Smarty Ring is mainly used to control your smartphone and includes buttons on the side to increase or decrease the volume and accept or reject calls. This device comes in silver and is made of allergy-free stainless steel. This device is connected to a users smartphone so that if lost, they can instantly track it. It displays the time and allows up to five different time zones. Sending and receiving text or social media messages is as easy as a hand gesture. It also comes with a Smarty Ring app where you can adjust the profile, LED brightness, volume and speed dials. 

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