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iPhone 5s / SE Display Assembly Test Cable

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  • Apple iPhone 5s A1533 (GSM/CDMA)
  • Apple iPhone 5s A1457 (GSM)
  • Apple iPhone 5s A1530 (GSM)
  • Apple iPhone 5s A1453 (CDMA)
  • Apple iPhone 5s A1518
  • Apple iPhone 5s A1528
  • Apple iPhone SE (2016)
  • iPhone SE A1662
  • iPhone SE A1723
  • iPhone SE 16 and 64 GB Models
  • Test Flex Cable for iPhone 5s / SE Display Assembly (LCD & Touch Screen)
  • Easy to use; simplifies iPhone 5s display assembly testing
  • Affordable repair tool for the Apple iPhone 5s
  • Fast shipping (ships same day when ordered by 5pm PST)
  • Brand new and 100% guaranteed
Product Description

This is the iPhone 5s /SE Display Assembly (LCD & Touch Screen) Test Cable. This handy testing flex cable makes it both simple and easy to check the functionality of an iPhone 5s replacement display assembly without having to completely install it and close up the iPhone’s case. This iPhone 5s display testing tool is a requirement for anyone who makes multiple iPhone 5s repairs. With this testing cable installed in an iPhone 5s body you can connect, test and quickly swap multiple display assembly replacements without damaging the delicate press fit connectors on the motherboard.