iPhone 5c Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack

iPhone 5c Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Flex Cable

iPhone 5c Home Button Flex (Front)

iPhone 5c Home Button Flex Cable Replacement

iPhone 5c Power, Mute and Volume Button Flex Cable

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Apple iPhone 5c A1532 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1507 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1529 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1532 (CDMA)
Apple iPhone 5c A1456 (CDMA)
Apple iPhone 5c A1516
Apple iPhone 5c A1526

  • 100% new product that guarantees a perfect replacement for the old flex cable unit for volume, mute and power buttons of your iPhone 5 handset, with zero errors of alignment.
  • A premium quality product that has undergone a number of factory testing procedures to guarantee you complete satisfaction at an aftermarket pricing that offers the cheapest prices.
  • Easy to place an order and quick delivery at your desired location.
  • Easy installation.
Product Description

Developments in technology have given birth to products like iPhone 5C that are guaranteed to make the life of a user easier and simpler. An iPhone is appreciated by all for its smooth touch functions and the precision of control that the few buttons on the device provide you. But, it also means that the most minor fault with these buttons can affect the way in which you use your device. An error with the power, mute and volume buttons will not allow you to use your device properly and will lead to reduced control over your device, rendering you frustrated and worried. If you are facing the same trouble and have completely given up on your iPhone 5, we have good news for you. The iPhone 5 Power, Mute and Volume Button Flex Cable can internally replace the damaged parts and make your phone as good as it was when it was new.

Be sure to check out our iPhone 5c Repair Guide section for more information and help with the repair!

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