iPhone 5c Green SIM Card Tray

iPhone 5c Green SIM Card Tray Replacement

iPhone 5c Yellow SIM Card Tray

iPhone 5c Yellow SIM Card Tray Replacement

iPhone 5c Pink SIM Card Tray Replacement

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Apple iPhone 5c A1532 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1507 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1529 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1532 (CDMA)
Apple iPhone 5c A1456 (CDMA)
Apple iPhone 5c A1516
Apple iPhone 5c A1526

  • 100% assurance of quality guaranteed after frequent factory testing of each unit.
  • Designed only for iPhone 5C to give the most ideal fit and restore the functioning of your gadget completely.
  • Fair pricing! Aftermarket cost that will suit all budgets.
  • Easy to install.
  • Place the order online and get your delivery within a few days right at your doorstep.
Product Description

Everyone who owns an iPhone 5c holds its ear to them. Even though you may try on several occasions to keep it safe, it is not impossible to save it from all the falls that it can face. And these falls can be bad for the device because dropping your phone can affect the small internal parts of your iPhone 5c and their alignment. So, if you are facing trouble in getting good network connectivity, it may be true that the SIM card tray of your iPhone 5c is damaged. Damages in the SIM tray lead to improper alignment of the SIM card with the body of the device. In such a situation, your phone will not be able to read the SIM card properly and you will face problems related to network because of that. But there is nothing to worry because the iPhone 5c SIM Card Tray is the perfect product for you. Just replace your damaged SIM tray with a perfectly new one and forget all issues.

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