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iPad Air / iPad 5 / iPad 6 (Wi-Fi) Transmitter Microphone Cable

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  • iPad Air (1st Generation) (Wi-Fi Only)
  • iPad 5 (Wi-Fi Only)
  • iPad 6 (Wi-Fi Only)
  • 100% new product that has been developed specifically for iPad Air / iPad 5 / iPad 6.
  • Cheap aftermarket pricing.
  • Factory tested product that gives an assured guarantee of premium quality.
  • Fast delivery and easy installation.
Product Description

An iPad Air can be called a product that is perfect for you because it can help you to perform a number of functions that you need to get done on a daily basis. However, it is also a very sensitive device and if not handled with care, you can face a number of problems related to its working. It is amazing that the iPad Air is a complex device that has been crafted with numerous tiny parts that make it complete. The transmitter microphone is one such device and is a function of the iPad Air is to make sure that you get perfect sound output. The transmitter microphone cable is responsible for making sure that you are able to receive and transmit voice across the various channels. It means that if you are facing any troubles regarding receiving or sending audio messages over a channel, it can be due to a fault in the transmitter microphone cable. But don’t worry because if this is the problem you are facing, the iPad Air (Wi-Fi) Transmitter Microphone Cable is the ideal product that can fix all your troubles.

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