LG G3 Front-Facing Camera (Front)

LG G3 Front-Facing Camera

LG G3 Metallic Black Battery Door with NFC Antenna

LG G3 Battery Door with NFC Antenna - Metallic Black (Generic)

LG G3 Battery

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LG G3 D850 (AT&T)
LG G3 D851 (T-Mobile)
LG G3 LS990 (Sprint)
LG G3 VS985 (Verizon)

  • Fast charging capabilities and power retaining facilities
  • Completely new, authentic and good quality replacement for your old battery
  • Zero cycle battery which means the battery has never been used or discharged
  • Easily replaces your old and non-working battery
  • Factory tested to ensure the consumer receives a verified product
Product Description

Are you experiencing extreme issues with your LG G3’s battery life of late? Is it taking way longer than usual to charge and even when it has completed charging up to its full capacity? Is the power being drained at an alarming rate? This probably indicates that your phone’s battery life is not in great condition. So how do you fix this problem of yours? You cannot continue using your phone in such a state since without a long battery life your phone is rendered useless. You also cannot purchase a brand new phone since your phone is otherwise in a perfect working state. The best option in such a scenario would be to replace your old battery for a new one. Use our very own LG G3 battery replacement and have your phone up and running in no time once again.

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