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LG G2 Battery Replacement

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LG G2 D800 (AT&T)
LG G2 D801 (T-Mobile)
LG G2 LS980 (Sprint)
LG G2 VS980 (Verizon)

  • Factory tested before shipment to ensure that the battery can resist shock, extreme vibration, wear and tear, overcharging, short circuits and so on
  • The product is brand new, authentic and has fast charging capabilities and thereby acts as the perfect replacement battery
  • Zero cycle battery meaning the battery has never been used or discharged
  • Perfectly sculpted for your Samsung Galaxy S8+ and thereby ensures complete device compatibility
  • Quality product available at an affordable price rate
  • Fast shipment and delivery
Product Description

Your LG G2 is your most trusted item and you use it every step of the day. But what do you do if you somehow wind up with a damaged battery? Instances such as overcharging, shock, water insertion, etc can be the cause as to why your battery is not functioning as flawlessly as it used to. But since a phone is absolutely useless without a good battery back-up, you must have your battery replaced immediately. Having it replaced from the service center is bound to cost you some serious cash so the best course of action would be to choose our LG G2 Battery Replacement.

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