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iPhone 5c Rear-Facing Camera

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Apple iPhone 5c A1532 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1507 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1529 (GSM)
Apple iPhone 5c A1532 (CDMA)
Apple iPhone 5c A1456 (CDMA)
Apple iPhone 5c A1516
Apple iPhone 5c A1526

  • Each unit of the rear-facing camera has been factory tested and guarantees no alignment problems with your iPhone 5C.
  • It enhances the life of your device and also improves its performance.
  • Specially designed camera unit that prevents glaring and all unnecessary reflections to provide you with perfect quality pictures in all types of lights.
  • A premium quality product that has been crafted especially for iPhone 5C to prevent any alignment or fitting issues.
  • Aftermarket pricing convenient for all budgets.
  • Quick delivery and easy installation.
Product Description

You are fond of your iPhone 5C and one of the biggest reasons for this is the perfect rear-facing camera that clicks pictures with amazing quality. The camera has captured many important moments of your life and has even boosted the photographer in you. However, with repeated and long term use, the internal mechanism of the rear-facing camera starts to degrade. This can affect the quality of the pictures that you click from the camera, causing unnecessary blur and poor light reception. If you are also facing the same kind of problems and doubt that maybe you have damaged the rear facing camera of your iPhone 5C, do not think that you need to invest in a new mobile phone. Simply replace the old rear camera of your device with this new iPhone 5C rear-facing camera and forget all your troubles.

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