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iPhone 5 Home Button Gasket Replacement

iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screws - Black

iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screws - Black

iPhone 5 Cellular Antenna Replacement

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Apple iPhone 5

  • 100% brand new replacement antennae cable for your iPhone 5 to make sure that you get the perfect quality reception.
  • Premium quality product available at aftermarket pricing to ensure good quality replacement for your damaged cellular antennae at a fair price.
  • Easy to place an order, quick delivery, and simple installation.
Product Description

It is certainly a great thing that you are using an iPhone 5. It is because an iPhone is undeniably superior as compared to many other mobile phones in that range. However, it is also a fact that a phone is nothing if it is not able to give you a good cellular reception. If you are also noticing that the cellular reception over your iPhone 5 has reduced considerably in terms of quality, it can be problematic. You will not be able to make calls properly with the phone because of a damaged cellular antenna. Your calls will drop every now and then without notice and the quality of the audio over call will also degrade to an alarming rate. But, for every problem, there is a solution and, in this case, the iPhone 5 Cellular Antenna Replacement unit is the product that has come as a solution to your problems. Just replace the old cellular antenna of your device with this new product and forget all troubles with the network.

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