HTC One (M8) Gunmetal Gray Display Assembly with Frame

HTC One (M8) Display Assembly with Frame - Gray

HTC One (M8) Glacier Silver Display Assembly with Frame

HTC One (M8) Display Assembly with Frame - Silver

HTC One (M8) Battery

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HTC One (M8)
HTC One (2014)
HTC One (M8) Harman Kardon edition
HTC One (M8) Google Play edition

  • First and foremost, the battery is affordable and much cheaper than other similar products.
  • All the batteries have been factory tested and there is a complete guarantee of good quality.
  • The battery can fix all the small problems of your device as it has been designed to completely support all functions of HTC One (M8) mobile phone.
  • With a complete guarantee for safe delivery, the product will be delivered at your doorstep.
  • You can easily place an order online.
  • Easy to install with zero fitting errors.
Product Description

If you are using an HTC One (M8) device for some time, there could have been certain problems that you have been facing lately. There could have been a possibility that your device is running slow and taking a lot of time to boot up. It could have been some other problem but it can also be due to the reasons that just like your phone, your battery is also used up. An old battery can lead to many problems with the working of the phone and if not replaced, it can damage the hardware. So if you have been facing such issues, the HTC One (M8) replacement battery is the perfect answer for the improved performance of your phone.

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