Premium Plus iPhone Batteries

Premium Plus iPhone Battery information

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Advances in battery technology have resulted in increased energy density, therefore the same size batteries now have even more capacity. Our new line of Premium Plus iPhone batteries have a noticeable increase in capacity over the original.

increased capacity

High Capacity Li-Ion Cell

depending on the model, up to 28% more capacity compared to the original Li-ion battery

Zero Cycle Count Batteries

Zero Cycle Battery

made from new materials, our batteries start out with zero cycles, ensuring the maximum number of cycles available

UN 38.8 Certified Batteries

UN 38.3 Certifed

durable long-lasting lithium-ion battery assembly that can withstand the rigors of transport & wear



compatible iOS battery health notifications

Pre-installed battery adhesive

Pre-Installed Adhesive

speed up your repair with our easy pre-installed easy release adhesive