HTC Nexus 9 Teardown

HTC Nexus 9 Teardown

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Recommended Tools: 

Plastic Triangle Opening Tool
Nylon Spudger
Fine Tip Curved Tweezers
iSesamo Opening Tool
Professional T5 Torx Screwdriver
Professional Phillips Screwdriver

Step 1

Power down your HTC Nexus 9 tablet.
Step 2
Use the plastic triangle opening tool, or your fingernails, to work around the Nexus 9 rear cover and release the plastic clips securing it in place.
Step 3
Use the spudger to pry up and remove the metal cover that protects the battery connector. Disconnect the HTC Nexus 9 battery from the motherboard.
The 3.8 Volt, 6700 mAh battery is held in place with some heavy-duty adhesive. Carefully, and patiently, pry it up and remove it from the HTC tablet.
Step 4
Remove the 1.6 MP Nexus 9 front-facing camera.
Step 5
Use the fine tip curved tweezers to disconnect one end of the signal cable.
With the signal cable out of the way use the spudger to assist in removing the copper shielding.
Peel up the two small pieces of tape over the antenna board near the top of the Nexus 9.
Remove the following 3 T5 Torx screws securing the antenna board in place.
Use the spudger to pry up and remove the antenna board and signal cable.
Step 6
Remove the following 2 Phillips screws, 3 T5 Torx screws and additional 3 Phillips screws securing the motherboard in place.
Disconnect the Interconnect cable, remove the 2 Phillips screws, and then disconnect the LCD cable from the HTC Nexus 9 motherboard.
With a little help from the spudger the motherboard can now be removed.
Step 7
Release the ZIF connector and remove the 8 MP HTC Nexus 9 rear-facing camera from the motherboard.
Step 8
Use the spudger to release the ZIF connector and remove the Nexus 9 power and volume button ribbon cable.
Step 9
Peel up the Kapton tape and release the 2 ZIF connectors.
Remove the following 3 T5 Torx screws securing the micro-USB port board in place.
With the tape out of the way, use the spudger to pry up and remove the micro-USB board from the Nexus 9. Be mindful of the two ribbon cables.
Step 10
Peel up the Kapton tale and release the ZIF connector.
Disconnect the vibrator from the Nexus 9 daughterboard.
Remove the following 2 T5 Torx screws securing the daughterboard in place.
Use the spudger and fine-tip tweezers to assist in removing the daughterboard. Be mindful of the ribbon cable.
Step 11
Remove the vibrator from the HTC Nexus 9 frame.
Step 12
Remove the 2 front-facing stereo speakers.
Step 13
Use the fine-tip curved tweezers to carefully peel up the Kaptan tape and remove the Interconnect cable.
With the fine-tip curved tweezers peel up the tape and then detach the LCD cable.

To reassemble your device, follow the steps in reverse order.

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