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iPhone 4 Loud Speaker Module Replacement

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iPhone 5 Loud Speaker Replacement

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Apple iPhone 5

  • Brand new iPhone 5 Loudspeaker replacement unit.
  • Fixes issues with large speaker audio output.
  • High quality.
  • Restores original functioning.
  • Affordable.
  • Factory tested.
  • Quick shipping and delivery.
  • Free iPhone 5 Repair Guide, pry tool and adhesive strip.
Product Description

Are you having troubles with the audio output of your iPhone 5? Is your voice not clearly audible on the other end when you make calls from your iPhone 5? If the music you play produces a cracking sound too, it’s time to get your iPhone 5 loudspeaker replaced. If you are a looking to repair your iPhone 5 on your own, you will find our iPhone 5 Loudspeaker replacement extremely useful. Our brand new iPhone 5 Loudspeaker replacement is guaranteed to be a perfect fit your iPhone 5 and will restore the device to its original form. The repair unit fixes all its audio and call issues so that you can have the original iPhone 5 experience. The iPhone 5 Loudspeaker replacement unit is also factory-tested and high quality. We even offer you the best price in the market.  Our lightning fast delivery ensures that you have your order in hand within the shortest time. We additionally provide you with an iPhone 5 repair guide, a pry tool and an adhesive strip for free with your purchase!

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