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  1. iPod Classic (6th Gen) LCD Screen
    SKU: 3-B-0038
  2. iPod Nano (7th Gen) LCD Screen
    SKU: 3-B-0420
  3. iPod Nano 3rd Gen LCD Screen Replacement
    SKU: 3-B-0041
  4. iPod Nano 5th Gen LCD Screen Replacement
    SKU: 3-B-0043
  5. Black
    iPod Nano 7th Gen Touch Screen Replacement - Black
    SKU: 1-B-0451
  6. White
    iPod Nano 7th Gen Touch Screen Replacement - White
    SKU: 1-B-0686
  7. iPod Touch 2nd Gen LCD Replacement
    SKU: 3-B-0035
  8. Black
  9. White
  10. iPod Video (5th Gen) LCD Screen
    SKU: 3-B-0037
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12 Items

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Do you have an Apple iPod that has been damaged due to dropping it? Whatever type of damage your iPod has, you may be tempted to purchase an entirely new device, but this can be quite expensive. Whether you are experiencing touch screen issues (such as a lack of response when you touch the screen), LCD issues (such as blurry pixel lines or inky spots interfering with viewing images on the screen), or issues with internal components on your iPod, we have the iPod screen replacements and repair parts for you.

At Fixez.com, we have a wide selection of screen replacements and repair parts for all models of the iPod. Whether you need an iPod Touch 4th gen LCD Screen Assembly, a iPod Nano 5th gen Battery Replacement or you are searching for an iPod Touch 3rd gen Touch Screen, we've got you covered! Not only do we offer many different repair parts and tools for your iPod, but we also provide you with options for protecting your device from future damage. We have screen protectors that can prevent small scratches and scuffs, and we offer cases that can prevent physical damage in case you drop your iPod.

Whatever type of iPod repair parts or screen replacements you need, you can find them here at an affordable cost. Anytime you order iPod replacements parts, you also will receive additional tools to assist you with the installation process. We will include a disassemble guide, a plastic opening tool, and an adhesive strip when necessary – all for free! We also never delay in shipping your order, so you will receive it quickly to fix your device right away. To repair your damaged iPod as quickly as possible, order your iPod replacement screens and repair parts today from Fixez.com!

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