iCorner iPad 2,3,4 Corner Tool

gTool iCorner iPad 2,3,4 Corner Tool

iCorner iPad 2,3,4 SideWall Tool

gTool iCorner iPad 2,3,4 SideWall Tool

gTool iCorner Assistant Kit

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  • gTool™ iCorner
  • Provides additional leverage and control of the gTool™ iCorner
  • Reduces strain from your hands and fingers
Product Description

The iCorner Assistant Tool Set from gTool™ is specifically designed to provide the extra leverage and control you may need when using the iCorner on a iPhone or iPad corner or sidewall repair. Although not always needed, the iCorner Assistant gives you the ability to brace the device on a flat surface such as a tabletop or workbench to give accurate and precise results every time.

This two piece tool set includes one brace that slide over the iCorner to secure it to a flat surface, and another piece that slides over the knob to provide extra leverage and comfort when turning the knob. You will be able to alleviate strain on your hands and fingers when excessive force is required to bend and reshape a stubborn corner or sidewall. The iCorner Assistant is just another example of the quality craftsmanship and engineering behind gTool™ products.


See the gTool™ iCorner Assistant in action