2mm Premium 3M Double Sided Adhesive Roll

2mm Premium 3M Double Sided Adhesive Roll

Adhesive Strips

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Adhesive Strips are necessary when repairing most mobile devices; make sure to review the recommended tools we list for each device before finalizing your order.
  • Adhesive Strips used to secure/bond repair parts
  • Easy to use Repair Tool
  • Strong and durable
  • Fast Shipping
  • Sold as-is; no refunds or returns
Product Description

These Adhesive Strips can be used in electronics to secure connections, screens, and prevent dust from entering your phone and tablet. Adhesive is a crucial part of keeping your cell phone or tablet together. Many people will overlook the fact that the adhesive holding their device together will need to be replaced as opposed to reused. This adhesive strip allows you to cut the correct size for your screen and attach it to form the necessary bond to hold your device together.

Fixez.com offers a list of recommended tools with each replacement part, allowing you to know in advance what tools are needed to complete the repair. If needed, order additional Adhesive Strips today!

* Sold as-is; no refunds or returns