5mm Gold Kapton Tape

5mm Kapton Tape

3mm Premium Red Double Sided Adhesive Roll

3mm Premium Red Double Sided Adhesive Roll

8mm Kapton Tape

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Product Description
This is high quality, UL 510 flame retardant 8mm Kapton Tape. Polyimide film (also known as Kapton Tape) with silicone adhesive is recommended for masking circuit boards, splicing wires and features relatively good property to avoid friction with its low electrolysis feature. Kapton tape can resist acid-base to withstand avulsion and provides optimal heat resistance (up to 500°F) for added safety. 

  • UL 510 flame retardant 5mm Gold Kapton Tape
  • Film thickness: 1 Mil Polyimide
  • Adhesive thickness: 1.5 Mil Silicone Adhesive
  • Temperature Rating: 500ºF
  • Width: 8MM
  • Length: 36 yds
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