iPhone 5s Power & Volume Button Flex Cable (Front)

iPhone 5s Power and Volume Button Flex Cable Replacement

iPhone 4 Power Button + Sensor Flex Cable Replacement (CDMA) (Front)

iPhone 4 Power Button + Sensor Flex Cable Replacement (CDMA)

iPhone 4 Power Button + Sensor Flex Cable Replacement (GSM)

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  • Apple iPhone 4 (GSM)
  • Brand new, affordable iPhone 4 Power Button + Sensor Flex Cable
  • Includes the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and power cable
  • Original, fully tested iPhone 4 Flex Cable replacement
  • Fast shipping on all iPhone repair parts
  • Free Plastic Opening Tool and Adhesive Strip
  • Free Disassemble Guide
  • Lifetime warranty
Product Description

This is the iPhone 4 (GSM) Power Button + Sensor Flex Cable Replacement. If you have dropped your iPhone 4, it can often cause obvious exterior damage to the device such as a cracked screen, but it can also cause interior damage. In some cases it will result in damage to the internal flex cables for the iPhone 4, disabling your ability to control certain aspects of the iPhone. When this happens, you don't have to spend a small fortune replacing the damaged iPhone. Instead, you can order this iPhone 4 power button and sensor flex cable.

This replacement power button flex cable for the iPhone 4 can restore your ability to turn your device off and on when you need to. It is a much more affordable option then purchasing a new phone, and it is brand new, high quality and designed to fit perfectly on your iPhone 4. This iPhone 4 replacement part is available in stock and is ready to ship.

We will quickly ship your iPhone 4 (GSM) power button flex cable so you can repair your device as soon as possible. We will also include some of the tools you need to successfully complete the installation at no additional cost, including a plastic opening tool and adhesive strip. Order your iPhone 4 repair part today!