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iPad Mini White Headphone Jack

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  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Brand new, high quality iPad Mini Headphone Jack Flex Cable
  • Fully tested headphone jack flex cable replacement
  • Affordable repair part for the iPad Mini
  • Fast shipping on all iPad Mini replacement parts
  • Free Plastic Opening Tool and Adhesive Strip
  • Lifetime warranty
Product Description

If you plug your headphones into your black iPad Mini and hear distortion or hear nothing at all, it is likely the audio headphone jack has been damaged in some way. Whether the cause is dust that has gotten into the jack interfering with the connection, or the tablet has been dropped causing interior damage to the device, the solution is the same – replace the damaged iPad Mini audio jack with a brand new replacement from

We offer a high quality, brand new iPad Mini headphone jack replacement in black. This part is affordable, and is designed specifically to replace the black iPad Mini audio headphone jack. When you purchase this iPad Mini headphone jack replacement, we will include almost everything you need to fix your damaged Apple iPad Mini. You will receive an adhesive strip, a plastic opening tool and a disassemble guide – all of which can assist you in the installation process.

Be sure to browse our wide selection of parts for the iPad Mini, as we offer accessories and replacement parts that can help you enjoy your tablet for many years. Don't delay – purchase your brand new iPad Mini audio headphone jack replacement in black today to repair your device and begin hearing audio again as soon as possible!