iPod Touch 3rd Gen Headphone Jack Replacement (Vert. view)

iPod Touch 2/3rd Gen Headphone Jack Replacement

iPod Touch 3rd Gen Charging Dock Port Replacement (Vert. View)

iPod Touch 2/3 Gen Charging Dock Port Replacement

iPod Touch 3rd Gen Battery Replacement

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Apple iPod Touch 3rd Generation

Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation

  • Fast charging backed by long battery life
  • A brand new product that is factory tested before arrival to ensure the best user experience
  • Excellent power retaining capabilities
  • Reasonable pricing
Product Description

You must dearly love your iPod Touch and with good reason because they offer a myriad of facilities. You get unlimited access to music which you can download and listen to when you are on the go and without internet connectivity; there are apps which keep a track of your fitness, highly intelligent user interface and excellent camera quality. All in all the iPod Touch 3rd Gen is the perfect accessory you can own. But the reason why it is such a hit among consumers is because of its battery life, you can use it for hours before you finally see the charge depleting. But what do you do when you see that your battery is rapidly and abnormally being drained of power? Then maybe it is time to purchase a new battery after all. Buy our very own iPod Touch 3rd Gen battery and have it replaced with your old and worn out battery.

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