10 Pointers for Smartphone Photo Perfection

1. Start squeaky clean

One of the best ways to perfect a picture is to simply clean your smartphone's camera lens. A soft cloth will do the trick and a quick swipe every once in awhile will lead to pristine photographs.

2. Get a grip

Practice holding your phone with a firm, steady hand and make a sincere effort to not move at all. This may sound obvious but it can take a few tries. As you move along, adjust and get support. Once you've mastered the proper technique that's most comfortable for you to start shooting, you'll notice your photos become less and less blurry. While you're at it, make a habit of pressing the shutter button softly. Your photos will benefit from these subtle changes.

3. Light up your life

Make sure your subject faces the light source and take a moment or two to use the surrounding ambient light to your advantage. Most smartphone's major limitation is the ability to take quality photos in low light. This translates into obtaining as much light as possible on the subject. Don't be afraid to change positions to saturate your subject with light.

4. Check your settings

On the Samsung Galaxy s5, Selective Focus and HDR are the default settings, however you can customize up to three different ones based on personal preference and frequency of use. In contrast, video stabilization and Ultra HD video are turned off by default.

5. Lock and load

With just a tap anywhere on the screen, one of the best functions of the iPhone is the ability to set focus and exposure. Even if you don’t, the iPhone does it for you and that is how most people take pictures. But your photos occasionally can get blurry. To avoid this, manually set focus and exposure for crisper, cleaner images.

Besides setting exposure and focus, the iPhone can also lock them by tapping the screen where you’d normally want to set focus and exposure (press your finger down a few seconds instead of releasing it). So this means that however you move your iPhone or what occurs in the frame, the focus and exposure does not change and at the same time disables autofocus.

6. Be the best and stick to a classic

Once again, find your camera settings and be sure to utilize your camera's best aspect ratio and highest resolution available. Stay away from 16:9 aspect ratio unless you're certain that you have a 16:9 image sensor capability. With a majority of smartphones, 4:3 aspect ratio is classic and with good reason.

7. Get a little bit closer

Avoid using digital zoom, just don't do it. If you're tempted, instead get closer to the subject. Your photo quality diminishes as it stretches. Think of it this way, each time you zoom, you're only making a potentially decent photo worse. Remember, any photo can always be cropped later for maximum effect.

8. Take High Dynamic Range Photos (HDR)

With both the Samsung GS5 and iPhone, HDR is another awesome feature. In one image, HDR takes various composites and levels of exposures combined with multiples shots resulting in stunning, captivating images with unbelievable contrast, especially in landscape photography. Check which images best take advantage of this capability before pressing the shutter button. Note that some images may look better without HDR, so be sure to save both.

9. Strike a pose… Or two or three...

As with everything in life, picture taking requires practice. Take several different shots. Sometimes not everyone is looking. Maybe someone moves or blinks or sneezes or there might be an unforeseen photo bomb. You can never take too many photos. Multiple shots provide countless options and later in editing, you may have isolated that perfect moment. Just like cropping photos, all those blurry whirls can be deleted.

On the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s , perhaps one of the most useful functions is burst mode. Just press the hold button for half a second or more and the iPhone instantly shoots multiple photos one after another. With burst mode, it’s actually possible to seize an exact memory.

10. Remember the rule of thirds

For every photo, be sure to apply this simple trick when creating the perfect composition. Visualize a frame that is divided into three equal parts both horizontal and vertical. On one of the vertical lines, place your subject or at the point where a vertical and horizontal line intersect. On one of the horizontal lines position the horizon.

On the iPhone it’s as easy as going to settings and turning the grid on, thus insuring flawless compositions from the first click. (Go to settings, scroll to Photos & Camera and turn on the Grid slider if you haven’t already.) Start with simple subjects and adjust accordingly. Slowly, your pictures will start telling a story.

In your hands, with just your smartphone and these handy tips you have the power to capture candid moments and transform once ordinary photos into extraordinary art! If you have tried all of these tips & tricks but still can’t get a decent picture from your smartphone or tablet, it may be time to look at a camera replacement. Fixez.com has all of the quality DIY replacement parts available for all the latest devices. While everyone is together for the holidays, it couldn’t be a better time to try out a few of these pointers.

Have a very Merry Christmas!