A cracked screen doesn’t necessarily mean the end for your iPhone. As we’ve discussed before, it can be costly to send your phone in for repairs – even if you have insurance or a warranty. Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out extra cash on a new iPhone 6 or repair service – you can fix a cracked iPhone screen yourself (it’s easier than you may think!)

Before you remove your first screw, it’s nice to have a system for keeping your screws and iPhone 6 screen repair components organized. Taking a few minutes to draw a diagram of screw placement during the teardown process, and using double-sided tape to keep screw ‘families’ together once you’ve removed them from your iPhone, can save a lot of time when you’re putting your device back together.

What you’ll need:

Make sure your phone is powered off. You can turn your phone off by holding the button on the right side of the phone until you’re prompted to slide to the right on the screen.

Using your Pentalobe Screwdriver, remove the two 5-point pentalobe screws located at the bottom of the phone near on either side of the lightning port.

repair your iphone screen

Once the screws are removed, place your Suction Cup on the display closest to home button side of the display. Pull the display away using either your fingernail or Plastic Triangle Opening Tool. Lift the display until it’s roughly perpendicular to the rest of your iPhone.

use your suction cup to remove the screen

Use a Small Phillips Screwdriver to remove the five Phillips screws that are securing the metal protective plate in the top right corner of the phone. Once you’ve removed the screws, gently pry up the metal plate.

Unscrew the five screws with your small phillips screwdriver

Use your Curved Tweezers to pry up and disconnect each of the four connections that were formerly obscured by the metal plate in order to completely separate the Display Assembly from the base of your iPhone.

Use your curved tweezers to pry the metal plate

remove the metal plate carefully

You’re close, but not quite there yet! If you’re replacing your screen with a complete Display Assembly, you’ll still need to remove and transfer the Home Button Assembly, Earpiece Speaker, Front Camera Assembly, and LCD Shield Plate.

Remove the Earpiece Speaker Bracket by unscrewing the three Phillips screws with your Phillips screwdriver. Use curved tweezers to gently remove the metal bracket.

Unscrew the bracket holding the earpiece

Once you’ve removed the bracket, lift up and carefully remove the speaker. Next, use your Curved Tweezers to remove the Front-Facing Camera Assembly.

Remove the front facing camera assembly

remove the earpiece

pry the parts away gently

remove the camera


Next, find the two Phillips screws that are securing the Home Button Assembly to the Display Assembly and remove them.

Unscrew the home button assembly

Use a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the adhesive that’s being used to secure the Home Button Assembly. Once it’s warm, use your curved tweezers to gently peel up and remove the Home Button Assembly from the Display Assembly - careful, the rubber gasket around the home button is very fragile and tears easily.

Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive

remove the home button

To remove the LCD shield plate, unscrew the 7 small Phillips screws on the edges of the display assembly. There are 3 screws on either side, and one near the home button area. Once you’ve removed all the screws, use a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the adhesive that adheres the home button connector. Carefully lift the connector from the adhesive, and the LCD shield should come off easily.

Remove the LCD shield plate

Remove the LCD plate

From here, you can replace the Display Assembly and simply work backwards until you’ve fully re-assembled your iPhone 6. Need more help? Visit our iPhone repair guides for complete, step-by-step disassemble guides & HD repair videos! As always, you can save time and money by extending the life of your device with the high quality smartphone & tablet replacement parts found at Fixez.com.