dangers of using a phone with a cracked screen

Think there's no harm in using a phone with a cracked screen? Think again! Just because your busted smartphone still functions doesn't mean it's a good idea to keep using it. Here are 6 reasons why you should take care of that cracked screen ASAP.

1. A cracked screen exposes your phone's internal parts

When you walk around with a cracked screen, you risk exposing your phone's internal parts to water, oil from your fingers, and other debris. If these elements seep into the deeper parts of your phone, it could cause serious damage.

2. Your phone is much more fragile

Once the screen is cracked, the device is no longer structurally stable. Your device is much more likely to completely shatter if you drop it again, and you risk losing touch functionality if the cracks spread.

3. Glass shards are dangerous

If you're walking around with broken glass in your pocket or purse, you could injure yourself on exposed sharp edges or shards of glass that come loose.

4. Unnecessary eye strain

Mobile screens are already small enough, and a crack renders part of the screen useless. That means you'll have to strain to read text through the cracks.

5. Loss of functionality

Even if the touch screen is still functional, imagine trying to follow GPS directions on a cracked screen. You may not be able to use your device for some applications due to the added time it takes to work around the cracks.

6. It's tacky

A broken phone is a tacky phone. It looks unprofessional, and may give others the wrong impression about you. Fortunately, you don't have to walk around with a broken screen forever - repairing your screen is easy with cell phone replacement parts from Fixez.com!