When we have gripes about our phones, it's usually just a matter of time before someone comes up with a solution. When we're amazed with the most recent advancements in smartphone technology, they come out with something to top it! Cell phone manufacturers are continually striving to stay a step ahead of their competitors, making every new model more impressive than the last. Whether it's breakthrough features in improved functionality or "cool" gimmicks, they are constantly evolving - and at an impressive rate.

Now welcome the curved smartphone! In certain markets, Samsung and LG have both released their versions of the first curved smartphones. The Galaxy Round from Samsung curves side to side, while the LG G Flex curves from top to bottom. You may be wondering… why the need for a curved phone? The idea behind these innovative designs is to make them easier and more comfortable to hold, as well as provide a better viewing experience, particularly when looking at photos or watching videos. While mobile devices have gotten smaller and more sleek over the years, there is a recent demand for larger screens as more users trend toward relying on their phones for more than just calls and texting. The quality of the display, along with significant improvements in their cameras have made smartphones a convenient, pocket-sized all-in-one. Besides the improved viewing experience, the Galaxy Round offers the ability to activate certain functions by tilting or rocking the phone, and the Flex features the added bonus of a "self healing" coating apparently capable of recovering from nicks and scratches.

As with almost anything, there are mixed reviews on these curvy newcomers. There are many reviews that seem to share a common thread in that the curved phone may be a solution to a problem that never really existed. They seem to think that manufacturers have taken it a little over the top and that on a good quality phone with a large enough screen, there aren't really concerns with viewing media. Some reported positive feedback on the reduced glare, while others complained of optical distortion when reading text on the screen. Other consumers are really excited about this milestone and see this as the next big thing in mobile design. There's even talk of bendable or even foldable versions on the horizon. Perhaps these will be available in your area soon and you can judge for yourself. Even if these particular models don't take off, the new designs demonstrate the never-ending technological advances available to us in the palm of our hand.

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