cleaning your cell phoneOne of your most prized possessions, that you keep near and dear (and on your ear) could be one of the dirtiest things you own! Sorry to break the news, but countless studies show that your cell phone can be downright nasty, crawling with all sorts of bacteria in addition to dirt and grease. It's not really all that surprising if you think about it. Consider everywhere you go in a day, everything you touch and how often you use your phone. Friends use it, your kids use it - everything and everyone you contact contributes to the germ fest. Your phone's battery keeps it nice and warm too, making perfect conditions for bacteria and germs to get comfortable. Besides all the stuff you can't see, the grease, dirt and fingerprints aren't all that appealing either.

So, now you know that your phone is dirtier than your toilet seat. (Yes - studies show your phone can have up to 10 times more bacteria than your toilet!) If you're a little grossed out and wondering how to safely remove these "guests" and keep your mobile friend looking it's best, we've listed a few quick, easy and affordable tips that should help:

First Things First

Power down your phone, unplug it from any power sources and remove your case.

Be Gentle!

Use a micro-fibre cloth to buff away fingerprints, grease and dust. These are gentle enough not to damage the screen and won't leave behind lint. 

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

Certain agents can be damaging to your screen so look for something free of ammonia or alcohol. You can use these disinfecting products with your micro-fibre cloth, but be careful not to press too hard and avoid spraying anything directly on to your phone.

UV sterilizers are also an option. In a short time, they'll do a good job of killing bacteria and viruses - they just won't take care of the grease and grime. 

Mind the Details

If you've got stuff hiding out in cracks and crevices, try using a cotton swab or a pin. If you're using cotton, consider it can snag leaving behind unwanted fuzzies. A quick shot of compressed air can also do the trick. 

Best "Case" Scenario

Cases are removable and durable, so this part is easy. A mild soap and water or a specialized product will clean and disinfect. Be sure the case is thoroughly dry before you put it all back together.

How often you'll want to clean your phone depends on how often you come into contact with especially germy people and places. It's a good idea to sanitize it after hospital or doctors visits, after using it around others who are sick or after letting someone borrow it. Chances are if you work in an office setting or use public transit your phone could use a bath more often than you realize.

Taking good care of your device will help it to last longer, making it easier on your wallet and the environment. If your phone is in need of a tune up, please feel free to browse our DIY disassemble guides and repair videos and check out our competitive pricing on screen replacements, repair parts and tools. From iphone repair tools to replacement screens and accessories, we've got it all at